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Keyman Insurance

Keyman insurance is probably one of the most overlooked insurances for business – but also one of the most important.

As a businessman you might have public liability insurance and you insure your buildings, stock and vehicles. You may even have professional indemnity insurance and legal cost insurance. Is that all?

What About Your Other Primary Assets – Your Key Staff?

Key staff represent the heart of every businesses but no more so than the small, often family, businesses that have up to 4 employees. Prolonged absence through serious illness or even death can be terminal for some of these enterprises. The risks are the same for limited companies, a partnerships and sole traders.

In this context Keyman Insurance is a must. Keyman Insurance represents a group of insurance plans all designed to financially protect business from the affects of prolonged illness or even death of staff who are central to the prosperity of the business. The insurance can’t replace people but it can provide cash to buy time and cover the costs of temporary staff, recruitment, loss of profits or provide a cash injection.

The insurance falls into four categories – insurance to help your business recover during the extended period when your key personnel are unable to work or to train or recruit a replacement, insurance to protect profits, insurance to protect shareholders or partnership interests, and insurance for anyone involved in guaranteeing businesses loans or banking facilities.

Keyman Insurance on those who are central to your business.

Who Are Your Key People

  • They are the ones who, create,drive and maintain your business
  • The people without whom your business would lose sales and profits or without whom even the basic viability of your business would be shaken
  •  Directors, Partners, Owners.
  • Insuring these people will provide the extra cash needed to take on temporary staff or recruit and train a replacement

Keyman Insurance to Protect Your Profits

The effect of losing key staff goes well beyond simply the cost of their salaries and the cost of replacement. As they’re central to the businesses prosperity, their loss will knock on to the bottom line. You can insure for loss of profits too!

Keyman Insurance to Protect Shareholders or Partners

Here we are talking about insurance to protect interests in the event of long-term illness or death. Families may want to sell their stake in the business but the remaining members in the business may not want those stakes held by newcomers. Keyman insurance schemes can be implemented which provide the necessary finance to buy the shares from the original shareholders or their estate.

Keyman Insurance Insuring Those Who Provide Personal Guarantees

When a business takes out a loan or raises bank finance the lender is quite likely to require a personal guarantee or a charge on their personal property. This especially applies to small and new businesses.

So what happens if these guarantors become seriously ill or die? The lenders may well be in a position to call in the loan. What happens then? Again, Keyman Insurance is the answer. Insurance can be structured to pay-off the loan and thus free the business and the guarantor’s family, from major worry.

We can arrange the necessary paperwork and steps to implement the cover you need and ensure any tax liabilities are met.

So, can your business afford to ignore Keyman Insurance?

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